2017 Sales

Financial press release

2017 Sales

Financial press release

15 February 2018

2017 Sales rose sharply: + 24.2%
New record of commercial activity
Continued growth in 2018

Q4 Sales up sharply: + 31.5%

In the 4th quarter 2017, the MAISONS FRANCE CONFORT Group registered a record turnover of €228.6M, up 31.5%. At constant scope, the quarter’s growth stands at 21. 7%.

On 31 December 2017, total Sales amounted to €764.2M, up 24.2%, i.e: + €149M. At constant scope, growth reached 16.4%.

This strong growth in production resulted from the good sales performances recorded gradually from the beginning of 2016, a BtoC growth-oriented renovation activity and the integration, from 1 March 2017, of Groupe L’Atelier des Compagnons activities.

For the year, the BtoB and BtoC renovation activity thus accounts for a total turnover of 96.0 M€ against 40.0 M€ in 2016.

New record of commercial activity

Order-intake at 31 December 2017 shows an increase despite:
– a very demanding basis for comparison due to record 2016 sales.
– an elections effect during May and June 2017,
– and an end of year marked by a construction market slowdown linked to new government measures focusing primarily on interest-free loans.

At the end of 2017, the construction activity’s gross order-intake stands at 7,706 sales, i.e. an all-time high, for a turnover excluding tax of €879.8M, up 0.9% in volume and 4.0% in value over 2016.

Order-intake of the BtoC renovation activity stood at €45.6M at 31 December 2017, up 5.1% over 2016, and the BtoB activity of L’Atelier des Compagnons posted excellent performances.

Improved profitability confirmed for 2017 and Sales growth in 2018

For 2017 as a whole, under the volume effect, MAISONS FRANCE CONFORT confirmed a marked improvement in its operating profitability over 31 December 2016.

For 2018, in the light of the renovation activity’s good performances and the higher level of sales recorded in house construction, MAISONS FRANCE CONFORT anticipates new growth in turnover with good operating profitability.

From the commercial standpoint, MAISONS FRANCE CONFORT considers that the reduction in “new build” interest-free loans, the quota of which was lowered to 20% in the B2 and C areas from 1 January 2018, should affect the overall market.
Leveraging its leader position, the Group nevertheless considers that it has the ability to increase its market share and offers its clients solutions in view of offsetting the decline in public support.

In the renovation area, growth prospects are excellent and confirms the strategic choices adopted by MAISONS FRANCE CONFORT the past few years to develop in this buoyant sector. By 2020, this activity should represent a turnover of over 150 M€.

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