2019 First quarter sales


2019 First quarter sales


06 May 2019

2019 First quarter sales : rise by 5.8%
Strong upturn in order intake in home building : +11.4% in value

Consolidated (€M)
non audited
Q1 2019
Q1 2018
in €M
in %
Home Building 173.8 169.1 4.7 +2.8%
Renovation 26.0 20.2 5.8 +28.5%
Land development 1.3 0.4 0.9 +246.3%
Real estate development 0.4 -0.4 -86.6%

+5.8% growth for 1st quarter 2019

The Group*HEXAOM recorded sales for €201.1M for Q1 2019, up by 5.8% over last year. This strong performance, in synch with Group expectations, is driven primarily by:

– The Home Building activity, showing growth at 2.8% boosted, amongst other things, by the initial measures taken by the Group at the end of 2018 to shorten construction lead times;

– The Renovation activity (B2B and B2C), fully in line with Group expectations, that continues to grow by 28.5%, reflecting the dynamic of its order intake recorded in 2018.

A sharp upswing in commercial activity

After a 2018 financial year during which order intakes were adversely affected by a challenging environment, the commercial activity enjoyed a strong rebound over the first 3 months of 2019.

Thus, at the end of March 2019, the Group recorded 1,729 gross order intakes in the Home Building activity, representing sales of €208.3M, up by 9.3% in number and by 11.4% in value over end of March 2018.

In a market down by 7.3% over the past twelve months (according to Markémétron), the Home Building activity outperformed the market, confirming the Group’s leadership position. This performance also results from the marketing and communication actions on the occasion of the company’s centenary.

Order intakes for the B2B Renovation activity are impacted by a particularly high base effect over the 1st quarter (+146.7% at Q1 2018) and reached €8.6M against €20.3M last year.

Cumulative order intake at March 31st, 2019 in the B2C Renovation activity reached €11.9M, down by 16.6% over last year.

The Renovation activity as a whole is rather cyclic, order intakes for the beginning of this year do not call into question the Group’s expectations for the full financial year.

Continued growth expected for 2019

For 2019, given the visibility generated by its backlog and considering the level of its production in progress, the Group HEXAOM expects to record a new year of growth in production accompanied by a significant improvement in the operating profit of its Renovation activity.

*  subject to the approval of the annual General Meeting of shareholders May 16th next

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