2020 Revenue

Financial press release

2020 Revenue

Financial press release

04 February 2021

2020 revenue up 4.7% to €881.3 million
All of the Group’s business segments grew in the fourth quarter: +12.8%
Successful diversification strategy and good sales momentum


Consolidated (€M)
12 months
4th Quarter
Of which Home Building 694.4 693.8 +0.1% 194.3 186.9 +4.0%
Of which Renovation 152.6 141.9 +7.5% 58.1 49.8 +16.7%
Of which Real Estate and Land Development 34.3 6.1 +462.3% 18.7 3.6 +419.4%


2020 Q4 production up 12.8% (+9.8% on a like-for-like basis)

The group Hexaom registered a good fourth quarter with growth in all of its business segments. The Home Building business was up 4.0% to €194.3 million. The Renovation segment confirmed its growth with record-breaking Q4 revenue of €58.1 million (+16.7%). Finally, the Land and Real Estate Development segments, up 419.4% to €18.7 million, continued their fast development, mainly due to the ramp-up of Hibana and the full-year integration of the Plaire group.

For 2020, Hexaom group revenue amounted to €881.3 million, up 4.7% (+2.1% on a like-for-like basis). These good results during this difficult economic and health crisis are as much a testament to the resilience of the Home Building business, the group’s historical core business, as it is to the success of the diversification strategy into new segments of the real estate industry.


Good sales growth in a difficult context

1 – Home Building

In line with the significant increase in sales leads since the end of the first lockdown in France and the strong recovery in the third quarter, house order intakes continued to grow in the fourth quarter, increasing by +3.1% in volume and +9.0% in value, also illustrating a substantial increase in the average selling price.

Over the full year, despite the economic and health crisis and an unfavorable base effect (2019 substantially benefited from the marketing campaigns implemented as part of the group’s centenary celebrations), the annual order intake holds up well : it is down slightly by -7.5% in volume and -3.4% in value compared to 2019. At December 31st, 2020, the group Hexaom had made 7,080 sales, representing revenue of €893.1 million.

2 – For the Renovation segment, the order intake for the year amounted to €199.7 million. B2C renovation sales recovered significantly in the fourth quarter. The B2B order intake over the year is stable due to the strong impact of the health crisis in the 2nd quarter and to the group’s stated desire to focus on profitability as opposed to volume.

3 – Land Development and Real Estate Development continue to grow with an order backlog of €22.7 million and a backlog of €60.1 million (excluding the Claimo group). To date, 31 real estate development programs are on the market or under construction.


Improved profitability in the second half of the year and favorable trends for 2021

As previously announced and in light of the performance achieved in the second part of the year, Hexaom confirms that its profitability in the second half of 2020 will increase compared to the first six months of the year.

The order book for Home building and Renovation, the growth of the Land and Real Estate Development segments, and the full-year integration of the Claimo group bode well for sustained production in 2021, provided no significant changes in the measures imposed by the health crisis lead to a slowdown in activity.

With a proven growth and diversification strategy, a solid reputation, and an extremely healthy financial structure, the group Hexaom reaffirms its goal to strengthen its position as a major player in the French housing market.

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