2021 Revenue

Financial press release

2021 Revenue

Financial press release

02 March 2022

2021 REVENUE UP +13.0% TO €996.6 MILLION



Consolidated (€M)
4th quarter
12 months
(January 1st to December 31st)
% Change
% Change
Home Building 190.0 194.2 -2.2% 718.5 694.1 +3.5%
Renovation 59.2 58.7 +0.9% 181.7 153.3 +18.5%
Land Development 11.8 4.9 +140.8% 29.4 10.8 +172.2%
Real Estate Development 28.2 13.8 +104.3% 67.0 23.6 +183.9%

Very good annual performance from all businesses despite a difficult context

For the fourth quarter of 2021, Hexaom posted revenue of €289.2 million, up +6.5% (+1.5% like-for-like) compared to the same period last year. This level of production remains strong but was heavily impacted by longer delivery times due to supply chain disruptions affecting everyone in the building industry.

In this complex environment still affected by the lingering effects of the health crisis, Hexaom posted very good performance. Revenue for 2021 is just shy of €1 billion, at €996.6 million, up +13.0% compared with 2020 (+9.7% like-for-like). This growth was driven by all the company’s businesses:

  • The Home Building business posted revenue of €718.5 million, representing annual organic growth of +3.5%.
  • The Renovation business made a significant contribution to top-line growth with annual revenue of €181.7 million, up +18.5%.
    Revenue from B2B renovation amounted to €132.5 million, up +18.7%.
    B2C renovation confirmed its excellent outlook with a +18.3% increase in revenue to €49.2 million.
  • The new Land and Real Estate Development businesses are growing strongly as expected and contributed €96.4 million to the group’s annual revenue. Land development revenue increased by +172.2% to €29.4 million (+148.8% like-for-like). Real estate development was up +183.9% to €67.0 million (+72.0% like-for-like).

Excellent sales momentum with record sales exceeding €1 billion in the Home Building business

Home Building Business

For the Home Building business, momentum remained strong in the last quarter with sales up +13% in value and +3.2% in number, despite steep price hikes to cope with rising construction costs (materials and subcontracting) and changes in regulatory standards (RE 2020).

Over the year as a whole, the Home Building business posted excellent sales performance. Hexaom signed a record 8,578 new orders over 12 months, representing revenue of €1,153.6 million, an increase of +29.2% in value and +21.2% in number. The average annual selling price increased to €134,500 (excluding tax).

Renovation Business

The B2C business is also benefiting from positive trends. Over 12 months, Renovert and Camif Habitat’s order intake reached €49.1 million, up +22.3%. Revenue from the intermediated business Illico Travaux increased by +74% to €60.7 million.

This business continues to benefit from both the expansion of its network and a large number of transactions involving existing properties.

As announced, B2B renovation has seen an expected -38.2% decline in order intake to €98.6 million, in order to temporarily limit growth and focus on improving margins.

Real Estate and Land Development Businesses

Land Development is continuing to grow at a sustained pace and has an order book (reserved stock not yet signed) of €37.5 million at the end of December 2021, representing 559 lots.

The Real Estate Development business also has very a promising outlook for growth. At December 31st, 2021, the backlog amounted to €88.6 million and the total potential stock represents revenue to be delivered of €369.6 million, or 1,806 units.

Strong sales that should result in a successful 2022 for Hexaom

Thanks to excellent sales performance in 2021 and despite longer construction delays, production is expected to grow again in 2022. However, the company remains vigilant about maintaining its margins as material prices continue to rise and the new 2020 Environmental Regulations come into force.

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