An open governance


An open governance

A family Group with open governance

The board of directors

The board of directors consists of 9 members:

  • Patrick Vandromme, board member and Chairman,
  • Philippe Vandromme, board member and Deputy Chairman,
  • Sophie Paturle Guesnerot, independent board member,
  • Véronique Di Benedetto, independent board member,
  • Maelenn Natral, independent board member,
  • BPCE, represented by Olivier Colonna d’Istria, board member,
  • Pierre Foucry, board member,
  • Jean-François Chêne, independent board member,
  • Anthony Poirrier, board member representing staff.

Created a century ago, the family business led by the Vandromme family has maintained, over 5 successive generations, the values that have made the success of the company through great respect of its customers and its teams.

The same is true of the company governance which is built around a family represented by the 5th generation that has surrounded itself with competent and experienced board members, half of which are independent board members.

These great values also exist in the operating and executive committees, and also at the level of our subsidiary chairmen and our regional managers.


The executive committee

le comité de direction gouvernance ouverte

From right to left, Eric Vandromme, Hervé Chavet, Loïc Vandromme, Antoine Vandromme, Jean-Christophe Godet, Steve Beaudel.

It is the main body that drives the company strategy and where executive decisions are presented, debated and approved. It has supervisory and decision-making powers.

  • Loïc Vandromme, Chief Executive Officer
  • Eric Vandromme, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
  • Antoine Vandromme, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
  • Jean-Christophe Godet, Chief Financial Officer
  • Hervé Chavet, Chief Technology and Research and development Officer
  • Steve Beaudel, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer

The operating committee

le comité opérationnel

From right to left, Steve Beaudel, Boris Michaleczek, Eric Vandromme, Hervé Chavet, Loïc Vandromme, Jérôme Cherrière, Antoine Vandromme, Etienne Requin, Jean-Christophe Godet, Frédéric Blanc.

This operating body presents and debates on some general management decisions in order to implement them. The committee is composed of the members of the executive committee and :

  • Frédéric Blanc, PACA regional manager and Chief Executive Officer of PCA MAISONS,
  • Boris Michaleczek, Director of information systems
  • Etienne Réquin Chief Executive Officer of the Extraco Group
  • Jérôme Cherrière, CAD manager

The subsidiaries and regions

The Group HEXAOM (Maisons France Confort) is divided into 10 regions and 32 subsidiaries, mainly run by their founding members.

présidents de filiales

Maisons France Confort’s regional managers and all the Group HEXAOM subsidiary chairmen.

The Brands