HEXAOM editorial


HEXAOM editorial


is a group that is proud of its federating spirit, that has a unique family spirit, and that draws strength from its team spirit.

A unique state of mind, carried by each of us daily, and that speaks through our new brand. We are very proud to present it throughout these pages and share our values, our mission and our vision with you.


Editorial by Patrick Vandromme, CEO

Patrick Vandromme

In May 1919, our grandfather incorporated the by-laws of our company and created “Etablissements Prout Frères”, then our father changed the name of the company to “Maisons France Confort” in March 1980.

2019 marks the company centenary, a company that is still family-owned with five generations that have adapted and travelled through the years to become a leader in home building and renovation.

Our 100th anniversary was an occasion to redefine the fundamentals of our identity and we decided to give our Group a new name by becoming HEXAOM and by choosing the signature “building the future together”.

Our group thus renews its commitment to all the companies that have joined us and to our customers by looking to the future.

With this new name, we affirm our presence throughout the French territory with “hexa” and the sound “om” immediately calls to mind “home”, housing in all its varieties, our core business.

We aim to increase our visibility and strength to enable the Group, the companies that compose it, to mutually thrive by associating the group name to the communication on our 40 brands.

We thus affirm a double commitment, that of becoming a token of quality and of reliability for the companies that compose the group, for our teams, for our partners, for our customers and for local authorities.

We have also chosen a new federating and bold signature “building the future together” that announces our ambitions, a signature that is primarily for the 2,100 women and men that are the driving forces of the companies of our group.

The Group is first and foremost a federating spirit, a family spirit but also a true team spirit that speaks through our new identity, its accompanying manifest and the brand film and book.

100 years, a new name and great ambitions to start our second centenary together.


Enjoy your visit and we look forward to seeing you soon.