Visit the company headquarters


Visit the company headquarters

Welcome to HEXAOM…

Pleasant and spacious offices, welcoming common spaces, high tech meeting and training rooms in a calm, airconditioned environment is the daily confort of Group HEXAOM teams in Alençon!

See for yourself with this virtual tour of our offices!


Discover the teams’ cafeteria

At the heart of the Alençon headquarters, the Vandromme family home now hosts a lunch space for the teams on site. Design furniture, a functional kitchen to offer a comfortable and friendly environment.

The museum and its impressive steam engine

Raphaël and Emilien chose the route d’Ancinnes site in 1919 because of the high industrial chimney that still towers over the site today. Sturdy on its granite base since 1889 it enabled the Prout brothers to install an imposing steam engine by its side in a specially designed building. The steam engine provided the energy for the workplant that employed over 100 workers and supervisors for more than 4 decades.

The workplant and its treasures

The workplant retraces all the trades of the company. From carpenter work tools, to small scale houses, to caravans, deck chairs and the previous company signs, you will find all the objects that have marked HEXAOM’s history and its brands.