The 5<sup>th</sup> generation takes over the management of HEXAOM as of june 1st, 2022


The 5th generation takes over the management of HEXAOM as of june 1st, 2022


01 June 2022

AS OF JUNE 1st, 2022


Following the annual general meeting held on June 1st, 2022, Hexaom’s board of directors decided to separate the roles of chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer and to create the role of deputy chief executive officer.

As a result, HEXAOM confirmed that as of June 1st, 2022, the CEO position is entrusted to Loïc Vandromme with by his side Éric Vandromme and Antoine Vandromme appointed as deputy chief executive officers, the latter also pursuing their roles as regional managers.

Following the renewal of his term of office as a director during the annual general meeting, Patrick Vandromme was reappointed chairman of the board of directors whereas Philippe Vandromme will remain a director. Both will continue to contribute their expertise and experience to the board of directors and the company’s general management.

This long-prepared transition of the general management team will guarantee the continuity of the company’s family and human-sized governance as well as the sustainability of its performance, values, and ambitions.

Loïc Vandromme has held various roles in the company since 2005: sales, marketing, digital, operational management of a subsidiary, and member of the executive committee. In 2018, he was appointed secretary general alongside the chairman and chief executive officer, Patrick Vandromme. He has in-depth knowledge of the group and the markets in which it operates.

Eric and Antoine Vandromme, appointed deputy CEOs, are also respectively regional managers of the Occitanie and Hauts-de-France sales regions. They have been with the company since 2006 and 2010 and have extensive knowledge of the group and expertise in their industry. Alongside Loïc Vandromme, they embody the values and culture of the group and represent the 5th generation of governance at Hexaom.

They are supported by the group’s key executives with whom they have worked closely on the executive committee since 2012. The members of this committee remain dedicated the new management.

“It is with great enthusiasm that Philippe and I hand over the reins to Loïc, Antoine, and Éric, who are supported by exceptional employees both within the group’s management bodies and the various group subsidiaries. Together, we have successfully taken on many challenges and made our group stronger by expanding our business into the renovation, real estate development and land development markets, in addition to services. Our position as a leader in home building gives us a solid footing to gain more market shares year by year and to capitalize on the reputation we have established with our customers, suppliers, and partners. Finally, we are handing over a healthy company with a high net cash position, allowing the 5th generation to look to the future with confidence and to carry out new value adding projects,” states Patrick Vandromme.

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