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Land development

To enter this market, HEXAOM created Foncière Résidences in 1998 and acquired 60 % of Ytem Aménagement in 2015, two specialists of land development.

Now an expert in land development, the Group, through its subsidiaries, purchases land to sell it on to its customers in plots and build homes.


Ytem Aménagement, specialised in servicing and subdivising land, a reliable partner and a player in local development, organises the urban landscape and creates tomorrow’s living environment.

The company has its head office in Saint Priest, east of Lyon, and offers serviced land in many housing estates in the French Rhônes Alpes region. With its longstanding experience, Ytem Aménagement offers guaranteed know-how to land owners, local authorities and its customers.

The land developer has surrounded itself with a multi-skilled concept team including for large projects : property surveyors, engineering consultants, architects, urban planners, landscapers, hydrogeologists, external works engineers.

As project manager, he holds the responsibility for the operational, design and financial sides of the land development. He occupies a central role: that of preparing the land before the builder or real estate developer come into action.


Examples of programs carried out by Ytem Aménagement

For this serviced land, Ytem Aménagement undertakes for and in close collaboration with local authorities: the creation of new housing areas, restoration of waste land (industrial, military, commercial, etc), restructuring of old urban areas.

Land development projects vary in size: from a housing estate of just a few serviced plots to a few dozen accommodation. They are carried out through development permits or urban development zones (ZAC).

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This company created in 1998 by HEXAOM is specialised in real estate development and land development.

Foncière Résidences sells serviced land or off-plan property to individuals.

In 2016 it reached a turnover of 2 million euros.

Off-plan housing with Foncière Résidences

In Argentan (61), HEXAOM and Foncière Résidences carry out an off-plan program.

  • réalisations argentant foncière résidences

Specialised in land development and based in La Rochelle (17), Lotisseurs de l’Ouest has specific expertise in prospecting land for sale.

Lotisseurs de l’Ouest uses its know-how to design and carry out housing estates that blend into the landscape and preserve the environment.

If you are looking for land to build your house on, we are committed to finding the ideal plot of land to build your home.

Are you selling land? Call us.

Examples of programs carried out by Lotisseurs de l'Ouest

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