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Real estate development

Real estate development

HEXAOM builds and sells single and multi-dwelling housing accommodation for individuals.

Real estate development with HIBANA

In May 2018, HEXAOM becomes a partner in the creation of the real estate company HIBANA in the Paris region. This new company aims at building 400 housing accommodation a year, i.e. a turnover of around 100 million euros.

HIBANA shall thrive on the experience of HEXAOM and three recognised professionals: Pierre SOREL, chairman, Céline LE BRETON and Antoine GAZENGEL, managing partners that respectively have 25, 23 and 13 years’ experience at high levels of responsibility in large real estate development groups.


With HIBANA we think housing accommodation differently

The creation of HIBANA springs from the idea the trade must be transformed, and we wish to ally a new diversity of expertise to the conception of each new project, to reach day to day players and to let ourselves be inspired by the local environment to meet our customers’ expectations and the City needs. That is why HIBANA’s ambition is to build accommodation mainly for home buyers (first or second-time buyers). This approach will contribute to meet the buyers’ expectations and the expectations of the local authorities that initiate large calls for project through a unique reflection on the product and the way it is used.

HIBANA’s real estate development programs

HIBANA launches its first housing program in Bagneux (92). The accommodation in this residence are designed by the agency ECDM for whom living in a place is using a place, living in a place is talking about time. The apartments in this residence are cleverly designed, each storey with its own interior design, corridors disappear in some flats to make the living room into a wide open space around which the neighbouring rooms fit in an efficient and original manner. 101 apartments for sale to be delivered in 2022 in Bagneux in an area undergoing considerable change.

HIBANA will soon be launching the sale of these 63 apartments and 2 houses in Blanc-Mesnil (93).

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The expertise of a renowned real estate developer in Charente-Maritime (17)!

The brand Promoteurs de l’Ouest is specialised in housing real estate development. Since the beginning, its ambition has been to create high real estate heritage value and preserve its transmission.

Indeed, each real estate program blends in harmoniously with the identity and history of the location and becomes its heritage. Their mission is to design and carry out new living areas thought out with care and preserving the heritage. Located in the Poitou Charentes region, the company Promoteurs de l’Ouest provides a comprehensive approach from the design to the delivery of the house.

Promoteurs de l’Ouest guarantees high quality products to satisfy you to the utmost. They consider that let accommodation should be equal in quality to owned accommodation and we respect that.

Why invest? One of the first reasons is the tax incentive which added to the rent drawn from the lease will contribute to refunding a large amount of the investment. Investing in real estate is excellent in the long run and will help safeguard a more comfortable retirement. Once your investment is paid off, you can dispose of your good as you wish and will no longer be held by the imposed rent and revenue thresholds. You can then either sell the good or go on leasing it and continue to cash in the rent.

Promoteurs de l’Ouest programs

Promoteurs de l’Ouest is a real estate developer that offers social housing, group housing, off-plan housing for investors or owner-occupants as well as residential housing with apartments, offices and shops. All these programs perfectly blend into existing areas.

Promoteurs de l’Ouest pays special attention to including the latest technical innovations and offering impeccable quality finish of its programs.

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Real estate development activity with Ytem Aménagement

Ytem Aménagement is boosting its real estate development activity with programs in the Lyon and the Savoie regions.

Ytem Aménagement is careful about the impact of its buildings on the environment and actively seeks to protect the surrounding nature. This proactive approach is first and foremost a question of common sense far more than a constraint limiting architectural creativity.

Taken into account from the design stage, the environmental and bioclimatic approaches enable the buildings to blend into the environment. This common sense is an essential driver in designing buildings that are coherent and fit in with their surroundings.

The launch of their first program Le Domaine de Bellevue in Neyron is a great success. The program has been thought out and designed to face the Alpes and the Miribel-Jonage park with decent sized, functional and quality apartments. 4 apartments are attic apartments with large terraces. These 18 apartments will be delivered end of 2022.

Ytem Aménagement aims for environment friendly sustainable buildings throughout its life cycle taking into account the various life stages of the building to select the best building and management processes.

Other programs are underway representing around 60 dwellings.

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The south west real estate development specialist!

SEGIME, a subsidiary of MCA, is a real estate developer acting in the south west of France as land developer. The brand offers serviced plots free of builder (isolated plots and housing estates) in the departments of Gironde (33), Charente-Maritime (17), Landes (40), Dordogne (24), Lot-et-Garonne (47) and Pays Basque.

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The real estate development brand of the CLAIMO Group

Present in the French regions of Nouvelle Aquitaine and Pays de La Loire, Vivaprom invests in the choice of land, design, the building process in order to offer projects that blend in perfectly with the environment.

Vivaprom benefits, throughout the building process from Plan Urba Services’ engineering and project management expertise, also part of the Claimo Group, that oversees the design and building operations in connection with their network of architects, urban planners, landscapers, heat engineers, acousticians, supervising offices, etc and makes sure regulations are strictly complied with.

Vivaprom real estate development programs

Vivaprom designs, commercialises and builds collective housing buildings, grouped housing, service residences and multi-service poles (health centres, small supermarkets, bakers, hairdressers, tobacconists and news agents…) for main residency, rental investment or bulk sales to institutional investors.

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Other examples of real estate development in the Group

Residences for social housing

HEXAOM also manages accommodation dedicated to people on low income.

In 2016, HEXAOM alongside the company 3F carried out the residences “Le Clos Bellevue” and “Le Clos Rimbault” with 33 single houses for low income first-time buyers.

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3f et groupe mfc

Off-plan housing with EDF

In 2013 and 2014, HEXAOM built some 100 houses around the EDF Ardèche, Ain and Bordeaux production units to provide accommodation for the Group EDF’s employees working in these units.

These houses were then sold off-plan to private investors with a lease with the Group EDF.


maisons construites pour le groupe EDF