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We created “MFC Services” in 2013, that became “HEXAOM Services” in 2019 to develop customer services and help customers contact reliable professionals, expert in their line of business and at the best prices.

Finance brokerage

One of the first services offered by the Group is finance brokerage which consists in advising our customers by offering them a personalised approach of their home project by a professional holding a specific certification (first level banking and payment service operations broker).

  • The professional will take an overall approach of the project: land + house + ancillary costs (notary, connecting of fluids, finishings), determine whether you are eligible to state incentives (interest free loans, low income loans) and approach banking partners to give our customers access to the best offers.
  • These offers will cover the interest rate but also the insurance for the loan and put banks into competition with one another to turn out, free of charge, the best offer for our customers.
Hexaom Services, partenaires

Referring partners

Thanks to the Group’s nationwide coverage, HEXAOM Services has developed and offers other services for our customers.

The idea is to refer our clients to our business partners so that the latter may offer specific services and guarantee a personalised service.

From the design of the project to handing over the keys, we are by our customers’ side and then we leave them in the hands of our partners so that they may also offer our customers their best service.

As an example, we refer our customers to our partners for these types of service:

  • Kitchen fitting,
  • Alarm systems,
  • Swimming pools,
  • Landscaping,
  • Insurance…

Depending on the region and the brand, these services may vary. 

HEXAOM Services is by its customer’s side, amongst other things, to arrange their home.

  • services piscine

Through HEXAOM Services, the Group HEXAOM offers an online Customer account.

Stay connected to your project!

The customer account allows the customer to follow his project daily as soon as the contract is signed. In this dedicated space, the customer can: see where the paperwork is at, access all his documents, receive advice and exclusive offers from Group partners.

And then!

Once in your house, we are still by your side. Through the customer account, the customer can access maintenance advice and offers to improve his home (swimming pool, kitchen, alarm…) and have access to the exclusive offers of our many partners.

Discover this video of all your customer account features!

Stay connected to your home with Hexaconnect