First half 2019 sales : turnover at 417,8 M€

Financial press release

First half 2019 sales : turnover at 417,8 M€

Financial press release

06 August 2019


Consolidated (€M)
non audited
1st Half Year 2nd Quarter
2019 2018 Var. 2019 2018 Var.
Sales 417.8 410.7 +1.7% 216.7 220.6 -1.8%
Out of which Home Building 358.6 359.4 -0.2% 184.8 190.3 -2.9%
Out of which Renovation 57.1 50.0 +14.2% 31.1 29.8 +4.4%
Out of which Other
(Land & Real estate development)
2.1 1.3 +61.5% 0.8 0.5 +60.0%

On May 23rd last, on the occasion of its 100th anniversary, the Group MAISONS FRANCE CONFORT became HEXAOM. With this new corporate name, the Group renews its commitment to its subsidiaries, brands and clients and looks ahead to the decades to come.

2019 first half turnover up by 1.7%.

The Group HEXAOM recorded a turnover of €417.8M in the 1st half of 2019, up by 1.7% over the same period in 2018. As announced, the level of production recorded reflects the 2018 commercial activity with :

– A stable first-half Home Building activity consistent with 2018 orders and project lead time objectives;
– A first-half 14.2% increase in the Renovation business driven by the favourable dynamic momentum of the B2B segment, that saw its order intake more than double in 2018.

A sustained commercial activity

The Group continues to outperform the market (around +6 points compared with the Markemetron index) and records healthy commercial performances, asserting, year after year, its leadership position in home building and confirming the relevance of its strategic diversification choices.

The Home Building business confirms its recovery. The Group HEXAOM registered 3,963 sales over the first half of the year representing a turnover of €474.9M. Gross order intake thus registered a 9.7% increase in volume and 11% in value for the first half of 2019 (+10.1% in volume and +10.6% in value for the 2019 second quarter alone).

These healthy commercial performances benefit, among other things, from marketing and communication operations for the Group’s 100th anniversary celebrations.

The second quarter in B2B renovation was particularly dynamic (+31.2%). Thus, over a 6-month period, sales increased by 86.5% reaching €62.0M against €33.0M in the first half of 2018.

Order intake in B2C renovation is down by 17.6% at €24.1M, suffering from a challenging base effect, the month of June 2018 having benefited from the signing of a deal of a particularly large amount (€3M). The additional resources deployed these past few months are already visible in the performances of Illico Travaux and should allow an upturn for Camif Habitat in the coming months.

Confirmation of growth objectives for 2019

For the year 2019 as a whole, the Group HEXAOM, with a solid order backlog and good visibility, anticipates new growth in its activity and an improved renovation-based operating profitability.

The Group is pursuing its development strategy and, with solid fundamentals, remains attentive to all external growth operations that would allow it to establish its housing generalist position.



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