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We make housing move forward as much as our teams’ careers!


Our vision

Witty minds

Because housing is a dynamic and changing concept. Because there are as many homes as individuals, we need to act nimbly.

We live in a complex, dynamic and an ever-changing world. With time, one factor has considerably transformed housing, for individuals and businesses, private or public players: new technologies. They have not only created new trades and new ways of communicating but also new materials, new uses, making day to day life easier. Our nimble business model and our open-minded way of thinking has enabled us to diversify coherently.

Every day, our teams work with perspicacity and boldness to detect the best opportunities but also to transform today’s certainties into tomorrow’s innovations. We work with passion to shape the future: the inevitable technical evolutions in buildings and enhancing customer experience and satisfaction.

Pioneering spirits

We reinvent housing, optimise it. We develop tomorrow’s territories!

We cannot just use innovations, we must anticipate them by daring to experiment and by opening up to ecosystems greater than ours to be at the very start of the driving projects for our trade.

As a driving force in the process of change, each of our 2,200 colleagues must feel she/he is an ambassador valued by our brand and recognised by its partners and by its customers.

Our ambition is constructive: for each HEXAOM employee, for those who will join us tomorrow, for our customers, for the future generations.

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Share our values

You wish to work with a company whose teams share the same values, those of offering the best products and the best services to our customers.

Always on the go

You want to move forward, offer the latest techniques, be trained to answer our customers professionally.

Satisfying our customers

For you, the trust over 60,000 families have put in us is a token of reliability and a criterion to guide your career.

HEXAOM among the 500 top employers in France

In its February 2021 edition, the magazine Capital publishes its list of the 500 top employers in France and this year our group came 6th in the real estate category! We thank our teams for this 6th place and aim to reach the top of the class next year!


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