Ours values


Ours values

HEXAOM values

We are leading our company to new successful times by placing our customers at the heart of our efforts and attention and our teams at the heart of progress.

The process is built around the four group values: family spirit, innovation, benevolence and good work in order to improve customer satisfaction and the well-being of our teams.



A family spirit comes of great solidarity between family members.

A family story

Currently, the 4th and 5th generation of the Vandromme family lead the company. An extraordinary continuity in the French business landscape.

Long -standing

The Group HEXAOM is proud to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2019.

Listening and proximity

The Vandromme family and all the management are in close contact with the company. Proximity and benevolence between all group members.

Sense of belonging

The group wishes to develop a sense of belonging and pride by encouraging:

  • Benevolence in the company and when advising a customer,
  • The right to be mistaken
  • A professional attitude without taking ourselves too seriously
  • Empathy


Innovation is introducing in the production and/or sale process of a product, equipment or new procedure:

  • Digitalisation of the process and business
  • Creation of concept houses (MFC 2020 concept, YRYS concept)
  • Product innovations (R&D with our suppliers)
  • Digitalised communication
  • On premises development of our own business software



Benevolence is a state of mind that encourages comprehension and leniency towards others. Working with benevolence is a set of conditions that contribute to a favourable environment to share and to meet our teams’ and our customers’ expectations.

At HEXAOM benevolence is illustrated by :

  • Optimum working conditions,
  • Good atmosphere at work at all levels,
  • Participatory and delegating management,
  • Teams that are passionate about their work.



Good work is the action of working well which requires mastering, know-how and professional care in the actions carried out.

  • the quality, of advice and of a product, measured by customer satisfaction surveys,
  • controlled processes,
  • thoroughness in our work,
  • prompt and precise response to customers,
  • personalisation,
  • meet environmental constraints,
  • creativity.


Sport also conveys our values

For many years, sportsmen have worn our group and brand colours, here are a few illustrations.

  • The Bourgnon family, first with Laurent and now with his son Basile for his first sailing Tour de France in 2018 with a boat under Maisons France Confort colours.