The Group


The Group

Created in 1919 and family run for 5 generations, HEXAOM is the leader in home building and renovation in France and a player in real estate and land development.

After many years working hand in hand, the 4th generation stepped back in 2022 to leave the operational management of the company to the 5th generation.

The Group, 100 years in 2019

What a wonderful occasion to redefine ourselves, to renew our commitments to our brands and their customers, to enter a new centenary!


The Group Maisons France Confort becomes HEXAOM.

Known as the leader in home building, our Group now aims to be recognised for its global action in favour of housing in France : new properties and renovation, private and business, single and multi-dwelling.

HEXAOM is both a token of quality and of reliability.


Building the future together

Our priorities : to continue our quality process and satisfy our customers

Also, recognised for the quality of its work, its offer in line with changing life styles and respectful of social and environmental values, the Group makes the dreams of over 7,000 French families come true each year.

Today, recognised as a key player by the professionals in this sector, by its industrial partners and its customers, HEXAOM is the leading player in home building and renovation in France. Nationwide the group HEXAOM employs over 2,200 people and covers all French regions with over 400 sales offices.

Conquering new markets

Since 2015, the Group is the leader in renovation for home owners with over 80,000 homes renovated in France.

Our core business remains home building. Last year, we won the trust of more 11,300 customers and we sold over 7,000 houses. Just think that in 2020, we built the equivalent of a town of 30,000 people with an average of 3.5 people per home.

And over 100,000 families have chosen to have their home built by HEXAOM over the last 50 years.


Free spirits that defend Housing with a capital H for Human History, Harmony, Hospitality, peaceful Homes…

An innovating Group

Imagined in 2016, started in May 2017 and inaugurated in September 2018, YRYS, the new group concept rallies all its expertise. This new concept offers innovating products for greener, highly connected and progressive housing, developed in partnership with various expert players in their line of business to offer a comprehensive and finalised concept.

Discover YRYS in Alençon (61).


The YRYS concept offers innovating products for greener, highly connected and progressive housing.

YRYS as though you were here

A family business

HEXAOM is a family owned business since the start in 1919 and it is currently led by the 4th and 5th generations in an open governance.

Famille Vandromme

From left to right Loïc, Philippe, Antoine, Patrick and Eric Vandromme