2018 annual results


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Financial press release

27 March 2019

2018 annual results

  The Board of Directors of MAISONS FRANCE CONFORT, meeting on March 19th, 2019, approved the accounts for the financial year ending on December 31st, […]

Financial press release

05 February 2019

2018 sales up 6% at EUR 804.2M

2018 sales up 6% at EUR 804.2M – Strong resilience in a more difficult environment – Order intake up over the last quarter

Financial press release

21 November 2018

9-month 2018 Sales

9-month sales up by 9.6% to €581.9M
Good resilience in a more difficult environment
2018 production growth confirmed

Financial press release

27 September 2018

1st half of 2018 Results

Net income up by 10.2% to €13.0M – positive trend for orders of new homes and strong growth in the renovation activity

Financial press release

16 August 2018

First-half 2018 sales

Sales figure for the first half of 2018 up 10.7% at €411.2M
Order book still solid in new houses and strong growth in renovation activity
Launch of a real estate development activity

Financial press release

26 June 2018

The MAISONS FRANCE CONFORT Group joins forces to create the HIBANA real estate development company

Backed by its French home construction leadership position, today’s No. 1 in BtoC renovation and its BtoB
expertise, the MAISONS FRANCE CONFORT Group announced its joining forces with 3 real estate
development professionals in view of creating the HIBANA company in the Ile de France, thereby
confirming its diversification objectives.

Financial press release

28 May 2018

First-quarter 2018 sales

First-quarter 2018 sales up 10.6% to €190.1M – Solid order book in new houses and significant growth in the renovation activity