2011 1st half year activity


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09 August 2011

2011 1st half year activity

51% increase in Sales for 1st half year to 307.4 €M


03 May 2011

Acquisition of the “LES MAISONS DE STEPHANIE” Group

The MAISONS FRANCE CONFORT Group announces the acquisition of the whole of the capital of LES MAISONS DE STEPHANIE whose head office is based in Saint-Avertin (Tours-Indre et Loire) with effect from the 1st April 2011.


28 March 2011

2010 Annual Results

Strong profit growth in 2010 – Assured organic growth for 2011 – Acquisition of the LMP company


10 February 2011

Turnover for 2010

Turnover for 2010 at 443 M€, an increase of 12% – Sustained sales dynamics – Strong growth confirmed for 2011


15 September 2010

First half 2010 results

Accelerating dynamic growth – Acquisition of interests in the thermal renovation sector


09 August 2010

1st half year activity

Progressive return of organic growth confirmed by the resumption of high level of construction starts since Q2 – Sustained growth in order intake